Going to the cinemas.

I miss the movie theaters in Indonesia!

The movie theaters in Iceland are fine, but the ones in Indonesia are just oh-so-beautiful. Not to mention the much cheaper tickets!

A normal ticket to a movie in Reykjavík would be 6 to 10 EUR, while it costs merely 3 to 5 EUR in Jakarta.

For the luxury movie theater (where they have reclining chairs), it would cost you around 17 EUR in Reykjavík, and only 8 EUR in Jakarta.

The Premiere at Cinema 21 beats the luxury cinema in Iceland by a long shot, because there are blankets on every chair and waiters and waitresses catering to all your snacking needs! (after all, what’s a movie without snack, eh? :D)


Even better, CGV cinemas in Indonesia also provides theaters that are fitted with beds!


So, any movie-goers who are up for a visit to Indonesia, I’d definitely recommend giving these gorgeous theaters a try.



  1. Tomislav · July 3, 2012

    thanks for the tip, Dyah ;D

  2. I'd Rather Be In Iceland · July 3, 2012

    I’m guessing that pretty much everything is cheaper in Indonesia. 🙂

    • indonesiaislandia · July 3, 2012

      You guessed right! In contrast, everything is so expensive here in Iceland, sometimes it makes me into an “I’d Rather Be In Indonesia” kind of person 😀

  3. ZakariaFha · November 24, 2013

    Hai mbak … daya dari Jakarta … mau bertanya, universitas yg menyediakan jurusan S2 pascasarjana geothermal dimana ya? Lalu kalau boleh tau, kurs mata uang disana berapa rupiahnya disni? terimakasih … hehehe Mbak, ada facebook atau twitter kah?

  4. Tomislav · March 5, 2014

    or let’s be honest: most cinemas in Jakarta isn’t really like that, there’s nothing much a casual tourist can do in the city (which in itself is unbelievable) and even meeting Jakartans will be a catastrophic failure if one does not have a wallet thick enough 🙂 visiting Jakarta (and Jakartans) was indeed an eye opening experience 🙂 for those who still wish to try, a word of advice: make sure you have your own arrangement ready

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