Back on the net!

I have been a lazy blogger for the past year, and I have no excuse for it! Recently, a fellow Indonesian comrade in Europe happened to message me on the blog, which was left unnoticed (sorry >_<), but managed to track me down through email, and got me logging on to this blog, realizing that my last post was over a year ago (shame on me!).

But once I came across the lovely comments made to this blog, I had a sudden urge to share more of my bits of “living in Iceland, missing my Indonesia” adventure 🙂

Let’s start with what I had been doing in the past year… Our first child was born in May 2011 (yay!), and in August the two of us went to visit my parents in Jakarta, and we just moved into a new house in February 2012… So, it was a busy and exciting year for our little Icelandonesia (or Indoniceland?) family, really.

Still, that’s no excuse for my absence in the blogosphere. Truth is, every time I manage to sit in front of the computer, I always end up doing this, this, or this.

But I have to admit, this is one of the things that I love about Iceland, the internet connection here is significantly faster than the one in Indonesia. So, I blame all of my gaming addiction to Iceland’s fiber optics! (joke :p)

Not only that, almost everybody in Iceland has internet access, which I find amazing, because I can’t even get my mum back in Indonesia to understand how Facebook works. Even the people in the Commissions of the Indonesian’s House of People’s Representative can’t figure out their own email addresses.

So, this high internet usage in Iceland has made everything to be super-convenient for a non-mobile, stay-at-home, job-looking housewife, like me, because all is searchable in the net, and almost everything can be found, queried, and bought online. Actually, I can say the same for Jakarta, almost everybody is hooked on the web now, and online shopping is getting more and more popular.

But, I still pick Iceland for my internet needs, well, mainly because all of my gaming characters are in the European servers 🙂


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