Icelandic weather.

It’s really sunny in Reykjavík today.

When “Iceland” is mentioned, people think of icy land, with harsh cold weather all year round (well, maybe not all people think that way, but most of my friends do!). But the truth is, I find Iceland very green, with mild winter (at least in Reykjavík, perhaps the winter is more severe around the northern area).

Still, coming from a true tropical country like Indonesia, people always question me whether I get depressed from lack of sunshine or too much cold. And I always answer with a firm and absolute NO!

To be honest, I can’t stand the heat in Indonesia, especially Jakarta. The weather is very humid there, that the hot feeling is multiplied (kind of like the effect of wind chill in Iceland, when the wind makes the temperature feels so much colder).

My perfect kind of weather would be a dry, cool temperature, no wind and not too sunny (I hate getting tanned).

So, living in Iceland is perfect for me, as I enjoy my skin getting lighter and lighter in colour each day 🙂

Another good thing for having this type of weather is, there are no insects in Iceland! Well, sometimes in the summer we experience occasional encounters with flies, but that’s pretty much it.

No mosquitoes, no bed bugs, and no ants (yay!). This is a very important perk (to me, at least) because I am allergic to most of bug bites or stings.

Though the weather has been a bit weird lately (first official day of summer is supposed to be tomorrow, but we still had hails and snow just yesterday), it only took me one glance at this news piece in Jakarta to make me feel THANKFUL again for living here.

Btw, I think I jinxed the weather by saying it was so “sunny” at the beginning of the post, as of now grey clouds have started to fill up the sky.


One comment

  1. 0markaria0 · April 29, 2011

    Jey for summer! 🙂 It’s suppose to get a lot better next week 😀 Well, better fro-m my p-oi 😉 point of view

    Oh, that ——was Robert, apparently he loves your blog and always want to put his word in.

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