First things first.


First thing I would recommend for people who are moving to or planning to live in Iceland, is to check out this brilliant website that I accidentally found,

It’s chockfull of useful information for anyone who lives in Iceland, from general info about the country, business and industry, public services, education, housing, immigrations, etc. Basically, pretty much all information about administrative needs for a person to live in Iceland is there, and it’s available in English too!

While for you Indonesians out there who are just about to embark the journey to come here, your first and foremost requirement would be to obtain a visa. The Danish Embassy in Jakarta is responsible for issuing visas and permits to go to Iceland. Their website is very clear on visa/permits requirements and ways to apply.

Allow ample time to sort out the visa/permits before your travel date, as the application process can take a bit of time, depends on types of visa/permits applied and the completeness of documents required. So remember to always provide COMPLETE documents asked by the embassy, or else it will take a whole lot longer time to get your visa/permits issued.

Once you get all the boring administratives stuffs out of the way, next thing I’d recommend would be to enjoy your trip and look forward to coming to (in my personal opinion) one of the most amazing countries in the world. See you in Iceland!


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